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Shipping Freight around the World online quotes

Access Imports ships and organizes freight delivery worldwide for both individuals and companies alike.  

We are also referred to as international freight forwarders. With the expertise that allows you to prepare and process all the documentation to perform the activities that are required for foreign freight shipment and local deliveries.

International Pick-up, Delivery US, Canada, and Costa Rica

If in need of Fast on-time delivery, that is the industry we serve.

Everything from Medical Equipment, latest technology devices, everything clothing, automobiles, car parts all to there the final mile.

We have delivered some of the largest products down to the smallest truckloads of tiny memory cards, passports, keys, laboratory specimens.

We have even delivered packages for the Rich & Famous... Specializing in International Pick-up, shipment and deliveries from the US, Canada, and Costa Rica!

Fast-reliable weekly Intl. with Daily Local Delivery Services

Access Imports offers guaranteed on-time delivery whether it is local or International services all packages desired received at there destinations.

We offer our members a value-added service such as daily pick-up and delivery options, text or email notifications, and special handling all to meet your shipping needs. (Value-added service offerings vary by country.)